4/6 - for the assessment work, minus the shoulder flexion, the more you can do without a shirt on, the better
A. Single arm supine shoulder flexion assessment- film
B. Back to wall shoulder flexion assessment - film
C. Wall facing hs hold - film :20 hold in best position you can achieve
D. Single arm prone trap 3 raise; perform 5/arm @ 2.5lbs
E. Wall slide + lift off; 3 reps - film where I can see shoulder raise
F. Lateral raise overhead w/ both arms + lower to hips; film from back
Didn't have an opportunity to film today.  Still getting settled into the new routine.  Will film tomorrow.  Still hit the gym though.
a. Deadlift; 2 reps emom x 10 @ 50% 1rm
All sets at 225.  Felt good.
B. Single leg explosive russian step up; 5/leg x 4; rest 1:00 b/w legs
These were fun.
500m row @ 1:45/500m
rest :90
- repeat until rpe =9/10
- cap @ 10 sets
This was hilarious.  Got halfway through the third one before I crashed.  haha Gonna need some work.

So I may be able to get away with some weightlifting after all at this place, but we'll see.  I say a guy drop 135 and no one yelled at him.  The open space has KB,s up to 24kg and DB's up to 50.  That's really about it, everything else is Globo style.  Really looking forward to see where this new phase of training takes me.