A. Back squat; build to a tough 2
335 with a legit 45lb bar.  Not 100% sure what the exact total was last week for the triple with speculation of a heavier bar and plates that "feel heavier" according to other dudes in the gym But the bar I used today was basic an olympic bar.  I stopped at 335 because my knees were coming in.  I'll shoot a video of my next squats to see what you think about how much they travel.
B. Back squat; 2 reps x 5 @ 88% of A
295.  Good sets here.  Quads were pumped.
C1. Supine grip lat pull down; 6-8 x 4; rest :20
C2. Single arm low cable row; 8-10/arm x 4; rest :00 b/w arms, :20 before C3
C3. Preacher curl; 10-12 x 4; rest 3:00
Put the superset together today! haha great pump.  All sets in the higher rep range. 120lbs on the supine pull down, 70lbs on the cable row, and I think the plates and bar total for the curls was 45lbs.
5 minute run @ 12 minute/mile pace
2 minute run @ 10 minute/mile pace
3 minute walk
x 4-5
Really loving more running.  Feels good.  Shins are still sore from the rowing I think.  haha