Had to take Wednesday as a rest day due to a bunch of logistical stuff.  I am leaving my current job as you know and had to have some meetings.

A. Power clean + push press + hang power clean + split jerk; 5 complexes; rest 2:00
Worked up to 215 here, felt good and snappy.
B. Paused push press (2s in dip); 3-5 x 5; rest 3:00
worked up to 135 here for sets 5.  My shoulders were starting ache a bit after the PC complex.
C. Single leg two arm DB RDL; 8-10/leg x 3; rest 1:00 b/w legs
two 40lbs DBs for sets of 8
D. Wide stance horizontal woodchop; 5/side x3; rest 1:00 b/w sides
Used a light band for the wood chopped. Really enjoyed this. 
4 sets: 
500m row @ 2:00/500m
25 wall balls
25 cal AB @ 250-350 watts
8 power clean and jerk (135) 
rest 3:00 b/w sets

Had fun with this conditioning.  It was tough to hold the pace on the bike.  Breathing was the issue I think more than quad fatigued.  3 of the four sets of wall ball were unbroken.

5-6 minuted for each round.