A. False grip ring pull up; amrap (-1) x 4; rest 2:00
B. Staggered stance single arm KB torso row; 6-8/arm x 3; rest 1:00 b/w arms
Used at 28KG KB.  All sets at 8 reps
C. Half kneeling banded diagonal row; 10-12/arm x 2; rest 1:00 b/w arms
Green (medium) band 12 reps on first set 10 reps on second set.
D. FLR on rings; amsap x 2; rest 2:00
:93 and :86
E1. Quadruped fire hydrant; 3/side x 5; rest :30
E2. Yoga push up; 5 reps x 5; rest :30
E3. Quadruped scap push up; 5 reps x 5; rest :30
F. Seated single foot towel toe curl; 12/foot x 4; rest :30 b/w feet

Energy is high.  I am trying to cut a little weight though so I am in a small calorie deficit.  Caffeine intake is way down and sleep quality is high.