A. Squat snatch; build to a tough single
B. Squat snatch; 5 singles @ 80% of A
C. Split jerk; 3,3,2,2,2; rest 3:00
D. Deficit deadlift; 2-3 x 5; rest 3:00
15 minute amrap @ 85%: 
200m run
5 clean and jerk (135) 
10 bar facing burpees
E1. Straddle leg lift; 10 reps x 3; rest :30
E2. Side lying external shoulder rotation; 10/arm x 3; rest :30

Today felt okay actually.  I worked up to 205 in the snatch and did some sets at 175.  Shoulders felt a little unstable but overall it was okay.

I skipped the jerks to Dave my shoulders and went into the deadlifts.  All sets at 295 for 3 on a 4 inch deficit.  That felt pretty good too but I did keep it light.

The retcon felt the best because I did approach it from a "just move around" perspective.  I got four and a half rounds and I was even able to refine my technique on sort of the touch and go clean and jerk at a lighter weight.  Especially from the front rack to overhead without pausing, so that was a good win.

I think approach the next few weeks from the just move/maintain strategy would be good.  I am also trying to limit my caffeine intake which is making my sleep better and more sound but is making me sluggish throughout the day.  will keep you updated.