A. Deadlift; 5,5,5,3,3; rest 3:00
255, 275, 305, 345, 365, 375
Felt good about this having not deadlifted in a while.
3 sets @ 100% effort:
250m row
15 KBS (28kg) 
15 burpees
15 KBS
250m row
rest 10-12 minutes b/w sets
4:54, 4:34, 4:16
This one crushed me a bit.  Felt like I was going to throw up in the first round.

Since the Open is no longer a priority I would definitely like to move more toward general fitness, particularly strength.  I am definitely in the camp of wanting to be better at the Olympic lifts as well.  In general though I can feel the volume getting to me.  I also was sort of out of commission after todays metabolic conditioning.  I just don't think I can sustain that kind of intensity any more due to the physical nature of my job and wanting to do other things throughout the day. haha

All of this kind of hit me after seeing a video of Scott Panchik trying to hold his brother up after one of the Open workouts and he just kept flopping on to the floor like a hot sack of potatoes and I realized that that is not what I want.  I do want to increase my fitness but I am not interested in being a competitive CrossFitter right now.  I would still like to do the Open workouts and see how I do, I am just not in a place to put myself that far into a hole.  I hope this all makes sense.

In short, my priorities are to be stronger, move better, and not pass out while walking up a flight of stairs.