A. Snatch; build to a tough single for the day - 2 misses allowed
Hit 215 pretty smoothly and went straight to 225 and had two very close misses.  I'm super pumped about this.  It won't be long before I nail this one!
B. Clean and jerk; build to a moderate single - no misses, keep this sharp
Smooth and east 235 which is 85% of my PR of 275.
18 minute amrap: 
100 double unders
80 wall balls
60 cal row
40 burpees over rower
20 CTB

Completed 7 Chest To Bar pull-ups.  The burpees were the slowest part and the row was the second slowest.  Again it was the quads I felt that were holding me back but also just overall fatigue of the legs and I could really feel my abs burning up on the burpees.  The CTB were unbroken though which was nice.  Those felt good.