A. Squat snatch; 10 singles @ 80-85%; rest 2:00 b/w singles
3 at 180, 4 at 185, 3 at 190
These are just feeling great and I am stoked.
B. Behind the neck snatch grip push press; 6-8 x 4; rest 2:00 - moderate loading
125lbs for all sets at 6 reps.
C. Clean grip deadlift; 2-3 x 5; rest 3:00
315x2, 345x2, 365x2, 385x2, 390x2
Also very happy with this.
4 sets, rotating order per set:
350m row
12 thrusters (95) 
8 toes to bar
10 bar facing burpees
12 lateral box jump overs (24") 
rest 3:00 b/w sets
This was really fun and not really fun at the same time.  
3:41 for the first one.  Then 4:00 with TTB, Thruster, BJO, BFB, Row.  Then 4:57 with Thruster, BFB, BJO, Row, TTB.  Then 5:41 with BJO, Thruster, TTB, Row, BFB.  Splits don't really matter I suppose since the rounds weren't the same order of movements but more data is good to have.
D1. Wall squat end range lift off; 3 reps x 3; rest :30 - 10s press + 5s lift = 1 rep
D2. Seated elbow on knee db external shoulder rotation; 10-12/arm x 3; rest :30

Also, here is the link to my workout and movement videos.  The playlist and videos are now public so you should be able to view all of them whenever.  I will start to post more videos as well.