10 minute amrap: 1+36 Toes To Bar
40 toes to bar
40 OHS (95) 

This was really tough.  Shoulders have been really tight and painful in the front.  I felt it coming on for a while now but it's finally gotten to a pretty bad point.  Hanging from the bar was pretty painful today, as well as stabilizing the OHS.  This is a recurring thing and I've been doing a ton of soft tissue work on them and it helps but not enough to eliminate the pain.  It's usually rest that does the trick.  

To be honest, since we Skyped I've been thinking that competing in the Open is not the biggest priority for me.  I am stressing about my job/living situation and big changes might be needed very soon, like during or even before the Open.  I truly enjoy the personalized programming, thought, and  I've made so much progress. I am not sure what to do now.  For now I will proceed with the program as written.
A1. Band resisted single leg glute bridge; 8/leg x 3; rest :30
A2. Side lying hip adduction; 8/leg x 3; rest :30
B. Prone hip internal rotation; 8 reps x 4; rest 1:00

I really love the movement work.