A. Halted power snatch + hang squat snatch (both top of knee); 6 complexes; rest 2:00 - technique oriented
Worked up to 165 here and it felt great.  I'm finally feeling powerful coming out of the bottom of on OHS.
B. Squat clean + 2 jerks; 5 complexes; rest 2:00
Worked up to 250 here.  They weren't as snappy as I would have liked the to be but I still felt pretty strong here.
C. Weighted bar dip; 2-3 x 4; rest 3:00
I went unweighted on these.  Dips are hit and miss on the front of my shoulder and they were aching a little bit.  I kept them slow and controlled down and as explosive as I could be on the weight up.  I really like dips, though.  When they feel good they are one of my favorite movements.
D. Front squat; 5,4,3,2,1; rest 3:00
205, 225, 255, 275, 295
I'm really happy with these numbers.  295lbs is a PR without any assistance from sleeves or a belt. 
30 minute AB @ EN1
Turkish get up; accumulate 10/arm @ 20kg
Turkish get-ups are also one of my favorite movements.

I did however wake up this morning feeling like a truck hit me.  Achy and sore.  I got adequate sleep but was up late helping to finish getting our new gym ready to open today.  So I took today off and was going to do today's workout tomorrow (Sunday).  I think it was also partly because I didn't eat enough yesterday due to the hectic schedule.