Today was a rough day.  I woke up after what I thought was a sold 7 hours of sleep but I was feeling fatigued all day.  I forewent the conditioning as I was worried how it might effect my coaching later in the day.  I can sleep in tomorrow (Thursday) so let's hope that that will help.

A. Squat snatch clusters; 1.1.1 x 6; rest :20/3:00
Super stoked on this, hit 205 for the top set of the cluster.
B. Seated snatch grip behind the neck strict press; 8-10 x 4; rest 2:00
Wasn't sure where to start with this, it sort of is touch and go with how my shoulders feel.  I did 65lbs for all sets at 10 reps and it felt like a medium weight.
C. Clean grip deadlift; 4-6 x 5; rest 3:00
315x2x4 and then 345x3x4

4 sets, rotating order per set:
200m run
10 GHD sit ups
10 power clean (155) 
15 wall balls
40 double unders
rest 3:00 b/w sets
D1. Banded psoas march; 6/leg x 3; rest :30
D2. Side lying DB external shoulder rotation; 10/arm x 3; rest :30

I am happy with my performances on the strength portion.  I was conflicted on wether or not to do the conditioning but I was literally falling asleep after the deadlifts.  But I am bummed that I didn't do it.  It's always a tough call to make.  Looking forward to Friday.