December 8 and 9

A. Front squat @30x1; 4-6 x 5; rest 2:00 (185 for all.  I'm keeping it challenging but doable. is there an RPE I should be shooting for?  No sleeves as well.)
B. Inverted barbell row w/ snatch grip; 6-8 x 5; rest 2:00
C. Close grip bench press; 8-10 x 4; rest 2:00 (135 for all.  Again challenging but doable.)
D1. Banded X walk; 8/side x 3; rest :30
D2. Serratus anterior wall slide; 5 reps x 3; rest :30
D3. Quadruped scap circle; 2/direction x 3; rest 2:00
E. Barefoot single leg calf raise @31x1; 3/leg x 6; rest :30 b/w legs 


15.2 (I did awful on this in my opinion.  I got 2 CTB in the second round of 12.  I even attempted it and didn't feel warmed up enough, or that it was just too difficult and rested about 10 mins and tried for a second time.  I did better the second attempt)
@ EN1: 
10 minute row
10 minute AB
10 minute ski erg
stretch and soft tissue work (rolled out and stretched at gym and at home)