12/22 and 12/23

A. Front squatl build to a tough 3 (295lbs)
B. Single arm DB row; 6-8/arm x 4; rest 1:00 b/w arms (80lbs for all sets)
C. Floor press; 6-8 x 4; rest 2:00 (165lbs, not the heaviest but it was a new exercise for me)
D1. Side lying hip external rotation w/ :10 hold; 3/leg x 4; rest :30 - unloaded
D2. Side lying hip internal rotation w/ :10 hold; 3/leg x 4; rest :30 - unloaded
D3. Hanging scap circle; 3/direction x 4; rest 100
E. Seated towel toe curl; 10-15/foot x 4; rest :30 b/w feet 


The gym I was suppose to go to for this wound up closing instead (I'm traveling currently). Luckily the friend I'm staying with has a rower and a bike so I was able to at least do some form of the EN1 work and I did some bodyweight exercises before that just to move around.  
3 rounds @ EN1: 
5 minute row
5 minute ski
5 minute AB
soft tissue for glutes and stretching