Saturday 11/25/2017

1RM Snatch: 200lbs
For Time: 20 Squat Snatch at 77% (154lbs), 7:17
Max Unbroken Wall Ball: 50 Reps at 20lbs
AMRAP 3:00 Double Under: 199
500m Time Trial, Rest 10:00, Repeat: 1:38.7, 1:40.9

Muscle fatigue was the limiting factor on all of these.  I was feeling pretty week after having been sick for two days (Thursday and Friday) and maybe 80% recovered.

My shoulders on the snatch felt like the limiting factor.  I just felt weak and had a hard time stabilizing and missed a lot out in front.  The 20 Reps went okay and I was able to stabilize under the bar better about halfway through, but the fatigue just set in too quickly.