December 8 and 9

A. Front squat @30x1; 4-6 x 5; rest 2:00 (185 for all.  I'm keeping it challenging but doable. is there an RPE I should be shooting for?  No sleeves as well.)
B. Inverted barbell row w/ snatch grip; 6-8 x 5; rest 2:00
C. Close grip bench press; 8-10 x 4; rest 2:00 (135 for all.  Again challenging but doable.)
D1. Banded X walk; 8/side x 3; rest :30
D2. Serratus anterior wall slide; 5 reps x 3; rest :30
D3. Quadruped scap circle; 2/direction x 3; rest 2:00
E. Barefoot single leg calf raise @31x1; 3/leg x 6; rest :30 b/w legs 


15.2 (I did awful on this in my opinion.  I got 2 CTB in the second round of 12.  I even attempted it and didn't feel warmed up enough, or that it was just too difficult and rested about 10 mins and tried for a second time.  I did better the second attempt)
@ EN1: 
10 minute row
10 minute AB
10 minute ski erg
stretch and soft tissue work (rolled out and stretched at gym and at home)

12/1 and 12/2


A. Front squat @40x1; 6-8 x 4; rest 2:00 (used 115.  Definitely light but the tempo made it very hard)
B. Bulgarian ring row; 6-8 x 5; rest 2:00
C. DB Z press; 8-10 x 5; rest 2:00 (35,35,35,45,45)
D1. Quadruped fire hydrant; 5/side x 4; rest :30
D2. Wall slide + lift off; 5 reps x 4; rest :30
D3. Quadruped scap push up; 5 reps x 4; rest 2:00
E1. Bare foot walk on toes; 25' x 3; rest 1:00
E2. Bare foot walk on toes w/ internal rotation; 25' x 3; rest 1:00
E3. Bare foot walk on toes w/ external rotation; 25' x 3; rest 1:00


10 minute amrap: (3+3 Snatches, breathing was hard as fuck and abs were lit. Tried to use grips and do more of a neutral grip muscle-up but have a lot of trouble with them.  Lost the grips and went to more of false grip style but still with a swing)
12 alternating DB snatch (50#) 
6 burpee box jump overs (24") 
3 muscle ups
40 minute AB @ conversational pace
Notes: warmup to hit the session like you are doing an open workout, give me your warmup
Warmup: 3 Rounds: :15 Rest Btwn movements
1:00 AB Increase Pace Each Round
:45 PLank
8 SL DL per sid w/ 35lbs DB
:15 Ring Hang+10 Kip Swings


12/3- OFF 


A. Back squat; 10-12 x 3; rest 2:00 (210, No sleeves, massive leg pump)
B. Strict pull up; accumulate 40 reps in as few sets as possible; rest 2:00 b/w sets
C. Single arm DB elbowing row; 8-10/arm x 3; rest 1:00 b/w arms
used 50lbs DB
42-30-18 wall ball
21-15-9 Toes to bar
7-5-3 Power clean (165) 
9:46, Breathing was tough, lats went on TTB first. Power clean was easy but breathing made it tough.


A. Strict hspu; 4 reps every :90 x 10 (Really enjoyed this!  Super tough) 
B. Seated DB arnold press; 10-12 x 4; rest 2:00
6 minute row @ 2:05/500m
rest 2:00
6 minute AB @ 250 watts
rest 5:00 x 3 


A. Power snatch + squat snatch + hang squat snatch; 5 complexes; rest 2:00
135, 145, 155, 175, 185 Fail, 175
B. KB deadlift @41x1; 8-10 x 5; rest 2:00
75lbs KB, Set up like a swing but deadlift only, I hope that was right.
C. Single arm ring row; 6-8/arm x 3; rest 1:00 b/w arms
40m prowler sprint @ 100% effort (90# external load) 
rest 2:00 x 8
- rest 10:00 after 4
Roughly :20 per sprint.  Last one was the worst, :26 seconds.  It put a hurt on me.


12/7 - OFF 

11/28 and 11/29

Tuesday Off

Technical 1RM Deadlift: 385 with belt
4:00, 3:12, 2:54, 2:17

Felt really good today.  Used a 55lbs. DB though.  Legs were getting toasty in the third interval. 

11/26 and 11/27

I'm a little messed up because of being sick and taking two rest days in a row.

1RM Pull-up: 70lbs
1RM 30x1: 335lbs
5 Rounds:
1k Row
15 Power Snatch
15 Burpee
15 Pull-up

all pull-ups butterfly (15 is a PR max so far and the multiple sets is a first. This is the first workout I've done butterfly pull-ups in.)

Max Clean and Jerk: 265lbs (10lbs off last recorded PR of 275lbs)
50 HSPU For Time: 5:47
AMRAP 5 Toes To Bar: 59

Saturday 11/25/2017

1RM Snatch: 200lbs
For Time: 20 Squat Snatch at 77% (154lbs), 7:17
Max Unbroken Wall Ball: 50 Reps at 20lbs
AMRAP 3:00 Double Under: 199
500m Time Trial, Rest 10:00, Repeat: 1:38.7, 1:40.9

Muscle fatigue was the limiting factor on all of these.  I was feeling pretty week after having been sick for two days (Thursday and Friday) and maybe 80% recovered.

My shoulders on the snatch felt like the limiting factor.  I just felt weak and had a hard time stabilizing and missed a lot out in front.  The 20 Reps went okay and I was able to stabilize under the bar better about halfway through, but the fatigue just set in too quickly.

Day 8 11/22

Press 1RM: 170 (will post video)
Front Squat 1RM: 315 (will post video)
30:00 AB Test: 364 Cals (Breathing started to get tough about halfway through.  Maintained 58rpm for most of the test.  Sped up at end.)

Forgot to do Wall ball, will add in on Saturday.
Got Sick at the end of the day and have been dealing with a low grade fever yesterday (Thanksgiving) and today.  Will probably rest to day and make up work on Saturday.

Day 7 11/21

Max Power Clean: 245lbs
AMRAP at 90% (220): 22

Bar Facing Burpees

Box Jumps 24"

Legs went before breathing.  Mostly the calves and shins on BFB and the quads too on box jumps.

Day 6

Max Unbroken Strict (Ish?) Muscle Ups: 4
Max Unbroken Strict Handstand Push Ups: 9

The set of the butterfly chest to bars is my first.

I had a hard time figuring out the peak wattage on the bike by looking at it while I do it.  I feel like its higher than what it says when you stop the bike and you look at total.

Round 1: 1427
Round 2: ~1600
Round 3: ~1600

The :30 Max calories was hard.  It felt like Fran.  Legs were the limiting factor by the halfway mark.

Round 1: 21
Round 2: 22
Round 3: 19

Videos on YouTube page.

Days 4 and 5


Ring FLR: 1:15
Side Plank Right: 1:19
Side Plank Left: 1:23
Sorensen Hold: 1:00

30:00 Row TT: 7066m

Legs went first followed by the arms.  Breathing went about halfway through.  Had to slow down and recover a bit and then pick back up.  I tried to maintain a higher stroke rate with less power but that was reversed by the end.  Peaked at about 26 spm then flipped to about 20 spm with harder pulls.  Damper was at a 4.  Average split of 2:07.4.

Sunday: Off

Days 2 and 3

Day 2: Off

Mobilized and rested.

Day 3:

1:00 Wall Facing Handstand (the video is just of similar positioning not actual time)

:50 Passive Hang on pull-up bar

:20 Chin Over Bar

10:00 Assault Bike Test for Calories
The first attempt the bike malfunctioned at the end so I rested a few hours and retested and got 147 calories.  The legs definitely went first but the breathing wasn't far behind.  However I was able to manage some sort of sprint in the last minute.  Legs got really tight about halfway through.

All videos can be found on my YouTube channel.