Top Shots of the Week Jan 12 to Jan 18

I have decided to pare down even more my photos on my blog posts.  I will now be posting once a week as long as I am shooting a high school sport every day.  This way I will only give the best quality from around Eastern Pennsylvania high school sports!  Here you go!

Less Is More In Life And Photography

I have decided to pare down my top ten photos from a game to the top five.  I want to make sure that I am sharing quality and concise content with sports fans everywhere.  If you would like to see more you can find me on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook. Enjoy.

I Love Sports Photography

On this past Thursday I shot my first hockey game.  In fact, I shot TWO hockey games.  It was cold, it was back breaking, and it was amazing!  First, let me say that, hockey is the most difficult sport I have shot so far.  It's faster that basketball and football combined.  I had to sit on top of a platform that put me over the glass so I shot from an elevated position which I don't really like.  Everything is such a blur that it is hard enough to follow with the naked eye let alone a camera.  And, since it was high school was messy.  But, with all this against me, I still came away with some great shots and I can't wait to shoot some more hockey.

Now, on Friday, I shot the greatest high school basketball game to date.  Well, of all the games I've shot, anyway.  It was the #2 ranked team visiting the #1 ranked team and it. was. an. upset!  The stands were packed and both teams played hard, no doubt.  The kicker came when the home team had the ball with about 30 secs on the clock and were down by two.  They had a chance to tie the game and take it to overtime.  The problem is they waited, and ran the clock down to 9 seconds, took the shot, missed, and lost.  A weak end to a fantastic game.

Sow, enjoy my top ten from each game.

Root, Root, Root For The Home Team

For the second night in a row I watched the home team get crushed!  This time by more than double their score. They played some good D and if they had just shot the ball more they may have had a chance.  You gotta shoot the ball.  I also did not have any refs tell me to move.  That was nice.  Anyway, here are my Top Ten from last night.

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." – Michael Jordan

High School Basketball Is Intense

Last night I shot another basketball game and tonight I will shoot another.  I love it.  These kids are just as dynamic, if not more so, than the NBA players.  And, I am sure many of you will agree, that this is true for most sports.  The kids are so raw and willing to do crazy things for the game but, it is this rawness that makes the games so dynamic; and by dynamis I mean MESSY!  College and High School sports are messy, plain and simple.  Now, I'm not saying that NBA games can't be messy but, once you hit the pros, your game is refined to the point of being almost a ballet, which is beautiful.  But, those of us that enjoy High School and College sports come fore great play and the MESS!

New Year More Action!

 Last night was my first night back from my long holiday break and it was awesome!  I shot a girls basketball game and let me tell you, those girls can throw some elbows!  It also gave me an opportunity to break in my new 70-200 2.8L IS II from Canon.  That things is just a fan-freaking-tastic lens.  I guarantee it will become my new workhorse.  It does get heavy though, especially when attached to the Canon 1D X.  But, it is worth it, since I am getting the best image quality and performance out of my gear that I have ever had!  Take a look at my Top Ten from last night and I will catch back here tomorrow with more b-ball action from the boys side!

Action sports photography

I have recently begun shooting high school spots for a company called Suburban One Sports (click the name to check them out).  They provide coverage for all the sporting events held in the Suburban One division of Eastern Pennsylvania.  This affords me an opportunity to cover a wide variety of sports and athletes which, to be honest, I never thought I would be doing.  It all started from my CrossFit coverage and live music.  It hit me like a ton of bricks.  I am good at action photography and I simply love it!  So, that is the direction this is all heading in and one day I will be covering the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and I hope, one day the Olympics.  But, for now, enjoy some photos of a swim meet that I shot last night!


Sometimes you shouldn't punt on 4th down...

Alright, here's an update for you.

CrossFitters hitting an Open WOD HARD!

CrossFitters hitting an Open WOD HARD!

I made two posts on my blogspot blog recently and I think that will be all.  I need to commit to this blog and to this website.  As always, i believe everything is a work in progress and we are constantly finding ourselves.  I have found a little more of myself recently and I want to share that.

I am a CrossFitter and as such I have become more in tune with my athletic side.  I never thought I would be as active as I am and make such leaps and bounds in my fitness.  I had always been interested in physical activities but I never thought much of myself to play a sport.  As time has gone on I have become more and more immersed in CrossFit and with it all the other sports that America enjoys, especially football.  Which is when I started photographing all the CrossFit events my gym participated in as well as the classes.  While I was geared toward portraiture, headshots in particular, I have always been interested in how to incorporate my love of action photography with that portraiture work.  Then I came across a photo spread in ESPN magazine that blew my mind:

Cal Rugby spread in ESPN magazine

Check out the photography of Andrew Cutraro

When I saw how he put everything together it just seemed so perfect and this is what I want to do.

So, my new major goal is to cover a professional football game for a newspaper or magazine.  It may seem like a left turn for me but, I believe this kind of photography will lead to far bigger things for me.  Hopefully, I will cover an athlete and get to do some portraiture work.  So, I guess you could say, my new specialty is sports photography and athletic portraiture.  The first step is to shoot high school games for a local paper.  If anyone knows anyone that works for a small Philadelphia paper, please, let me know.

Portrait of a CrossFitter after the CrossFit total.  Check out my previous post for more on that.

Portrait of a CrossFitter after the CrossFit total.  Check out my previous post for more on that.

Also, check out my my new edit of my CrossFit work as well as some Portraits of CrossFit athletes.

I also have a new logo which I am very excited about.

I know that there have been a lot of changes around here but it is all for good reasons.  I am recommitting to myself and to this website as my main showcase for my work on the internet.

Much more to come,


High Intensity Portraits...

Good morning all!   I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Over the weekend I was asked to photograph an event for my CrossFit gym, CrossFit Center City.  It was a workout called The Total.  This is where you find a one repetition max weight in your squat, press, and deadlift, and add them together.  Needles to say, it got pretty intense. 

Now, I was just asked to cover the event itself, but, seeing as I am a portrait photographer, I worked out a way to do a sort of photo booth.  With this, I was able to capture some photos of the athletes just after they had finished.  These are all amazing people pushing themselves to the margins of their fitness.  Have a look below and leave a comment if you'd like. 


CrossFit Total Portrait

CrossFit Total Portrait

131102 CFCC Total-272-Web-Portfolio.jpg
131102 CFCC Total-277-Web-Portfolio.jpg
131102 CFCC Total-281-Web-Portfolio.jpg
131102 CFCC Total-284-Web-Portfolio.jpg
131102 CFCC Total-288-Web-Portfolio.jpg
131102 CFCC Total-293-Web-Portfolio.jpg
131102 CFCC Total-306-Web-Portfolio.jpg
131102 CFCC Total-311-Web-Portfolio.jpg
131102 CFCC Total-313-Web-Portfolio.jpg
131102 CFCC Total-314-Web-Portfolio.jpg
131102 CFCC Total-337-Web-Portfolio.jpg
131102 CFCC Total-339-Web-Portfolio.jpg
131102 CFCC Total-355-Web-Portfolio.jpg
131102 CFCC Total-360-Web-Portfolio.jpg
131102 CFCC Total-362-Web-Portfolio.jpg
131102 CFCC Total-363-Web-Portfolio.jpg
131102 CFCC Total-366-Web-Portfolio.jpg


I participate in a strength and conditioning program called CrossFit.  Some of you may have heard of it.  Regardless of your opinions on CrossFit and it's philosophy one thing that is impossible to deny is the sheer awesomeness of the community that it breeds.